Define This Existence

What does this really mean?
We are all just finite beings, we only have a limited nature of existence.
We are circumscribed!
We are confined!
We are restricted!
We are determinate!
We are decided!
We are fixed, exact, and precise!
We are fathomable!
We are measurable!
We are numerable!
We are created beings, at the mercy of the hand of our architect. We are not in control of our existence. We may feel that we are in control of these things but we are not, we cannot determine our outcomes. We live on a shallow plain in our humanness. This reality is quite, this reality is dark, this reality is depressing. But, only if we do not plug our lives into the timeline of our creator. Then, and only then we will start to see the resilience, and the resemblance we have in common with this brilliant being. This creator who was before all things, and in all things, and holds together all things. To understand this is to start to grasp the importance and the magnitude of not only being created beings, but that we are created in the exact likeness of the all seeing, all knowing, all existing father of this universe. Without this understanding we live in the shallows, we only live on the surface of this expanse existence. Once we plug in to the meaning of life, our Creator God, real meaning of life; we will begin to see who we really are.
We are boundless!
We are dateless!
We are illimitable!
We are infinite!
We are limitless!
We are unbounded!
We are unlimited!
We are everlasting!
We are inexhaustable!
We are endless!
And so is he!!!!

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