The Case for Being a Man.

It’s so hard to be a man, even, a man who loves his own wife more than himself.
Too many things are destructive and harmful for my health.

Why is the call of being a father feel so burdensome at times?
All these things on the world wide web, pulling for my allegiance and my mind.

Even a simple quiet devotion time can so easily become a self-destructive binge.
The computer or the smart phone all blinking for my eyes, making my doors come unhinged.

Focusing on the taste of my beer,
rather than thinking and praying about the things I fear.

Some of those very fears have become my own bone-crushing reality.
My life so close to ruin at times, too near to coming untied actually.

What would I do without the redeeming power of the love of the Father?
Without him, my life would be nothing but simple fodder.

It’s time to open my eyes, turn on the lights and let this truth spur me on.
To live my life out of this truth, that my life is worth way more than I let on.

The time is now, the consequences of not acting are life changing.
The action is needed right here and right now, it’s about time for some rearranging.

I have a second, a third, and even a fourth chance to make this all right.
To come to grips with the notion that my marriage and my kids are damn worth the

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