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Rid the Yard of Sticks.

October 28, 2010

The following article was written by David Crowder and it has fully touched my heart and I can’t help but share it with you all. It reminds me how narrow minded and self centered we are as a generation, a nation, and a human race. We are so consumed by what conveniences us and want to live in our personal little bubbles. We avoid eye contact everywhere we go and everyone is busy messing with their BlackBerry’s and Iphones to be bothered for anyone. I pray that the Lord can renew us and to break down our comfortable little suburban lives to be bothered by the people who need help. It breaks my heart that there is so much heartbreak, lonliness, lusting, sickness, poorness, and loveless people out there that we simply pass by without so much as a smile. Shame on us!!! Allow me Lord to touch people’s lives and invest in the needs of others, to be a tool for your glory, to bring people into the love that I have grown to know. Prepare to be blessed by this amazing story by an amazing man.

Rid the Yard of Sticks

By David Crowder


It is a Saturday afternoon in Waco, Texas and I am at home sitting on the couch with my wife. The television is on and it is displaying a golf tournament and we are observing this through half-opened heavy eyelids. It’s rather lovely.

I feel the need to point out that I live in one of the more economically depressed sections of town, as in, seriously, two of our neighbors call themselves the Rockstars because, they sell “rock,” (as in crack cocaine) – they do a brisk business. So, again, this time with context, my wife and I are sitting on our couch on a Saturday afternoon watching the “sport” of golf with lots and lots of Fidelity and Buick commercials.

Abruptly, I am jarred from this, my privileged slumber, as, “David! David!” is yelled at loud volume from somewhere behind me. I now feel the need to point out that we do not have any curtains on our windows. We’ve been in our house 6 years and curtains have held only occasional importance, like now, with, “David! David!” being shouted from the street at the window located directly behind my head, which is again causing me to think, “Seriously, we’ve been here 6 years? We need some curtains.” I turn and peek over the couch. It’s John. I say this to my wife, “Oh, man. It’s John.”

John is an elderly black man who has no home. He is one of Waco’s homeless. He is my neighbor. He comes around and wants to pick up the sticks in my yard. He says, “David, I’ll just get these sticks out of your yard if you can spare a few dollars.” We do this often, rid the yard of sticks. It’s really helpful – you can imagine – the ability to move about your yard without the obstruction of sticks. So, here is John, standing in the street outside of my window, watching us watch golf, when he decides he needs to tell me something. Peering over the couch, my eyes meet with John’s and I am left with no choice outside of meeting John at my back door.

“Hey John.”

“Now, David. I don’t mean to disturb you. I see you and your wife in there just relaxing, watching the TV, the golf I see, my apologies.”

“That’s quite all right. What’s going on John?”

“Well, like I said, I don’t mean to disturb you, I just wanted to say congratulations.”

I pause. I’m not sure what my line is supposed to be. I had all of my lines ready. I had formulated them on my walk from the couch to the door. I have no idea what he’s talking about. I think to myself, John is genius. This is a new angle. I’m trying to anticipate his next move and I’m forming fantastic pieces of discussion that will totally make John get a real job and stop living on the street and asking me if he can pick up my sticks. I respond, “Uh, thanks.”

“Yep. You’re gonna do it. We’ve all talked and we know you’re gonna bring ‘em home. Just like last time. Yep, congratulations. We’re all pulling for you.”

“Uh, OK. Now what might this be regarding?”

“Those Dove awards. You’re gonna win ‘em! We all prayed and we know you’re gonna do it, you’re gonna bring ‘em home you hear me?”

I pause. I have no idea where to put this. John has basically told me that the homeless population near my house is 1) aware that there are such things as “Dove Awards” and 2) that my band and I have been nominated for some, and, 3) seriously? (!) The homeless had some type of meeting, or assembly, or whatever, and are praying we win? What on earth! That is the most ridiculous thing ever, and – what, seriously? Thoughts like this are in my head: David, you make assumptions that are wrong. You need to repent. You are evil.

Social or civil justice issues are incredibly difficult objects to get my head around. It is a given that most of us desire to live in a just society; the awkwardness lies in agreeing upon just how exactly we arrive there. It’s easy to become pessimistic and passive even when attempting to effect change, i.e. after hearing Red Campaign marketing costs, or reports that mosquito nets I sent contributed to a water shortage crisis due to the nets actually working and people surviving malaria. Thus, obviously, it resulted in a rising population and a rise in water consumption, thus resulting in a water shortage, which now those same people are dying from.

To carry the story of God in a way that makes a real, tangible difference to those we live among can be really frustrating at times. I think the only way to not become paralyzed by the task, is, to get close enough to these issues for them to turn into names and faces that walk up to your fence on a Saturday; who lean in and yell your name and give you something that leaves you smiling and tearful and repentant and a little more in love with the people God has made.


David Crowder recently won four 2008 Dove Awards, including Worship Album of the Year for REMEDY , and Rock/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year for “Everything Glorious.” David co-founded University Baptist Church in Waco, Texas, where he lives with his wife Toni.


Me first Maiden Voyage.

August 1, 2010

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Ye Old Beeeeard!

September 21, 2009

I have been thinking for a long time about making my beard growing experience more official by joining a cause or something. So I have decided to become  a member of Beard Team USA, who compete around the world for best facial hair. These men from all over the world come together for competitions around the world and enter in 18 different beard categories to see who is the best in the world. 

I find this very interesting and I am drawn to it like non other. Some of the prominent competitions include: the World Beard and Moustache Championships in Brighton, England; the World Championships in Berlin, Germany; also in Carson City, Nevada founded by Phil Olsen in
Tahoe City, California. (

I have also found a local chapter of the Beard Team USA (BTUSA) called the Bristly Chaps of Los Angeles ( 

That’s it for now, Beard Rule!

My Beard Team USA intro photo.

Do-it-yourself Silkscreen

May 17, 2009

This website ( is amazing. It has all your needs for make your own everything. This particular instructable caught my eye. It as an easy 1-2-3 step by step way to build your own silk screens for screenprinting, with things that you probably have laying around the house.